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All Skills Clinic

Phantomz Volleyball clinics teaches the entire game of volleyball to BEGINNERS & ADVANCED PLAYERS (Serving, Passing, Setting, Hitting and Scrimmaging)!  Our ADVANCED players work on similar skills; in addition to serve receive, offensive/defensive plays, blocking and scrimmaging.  The all skills clinic is for the INDIVIDUAL PLAYER to improve their overall skill set.  *Players are separated by age, allowing them to learn and develop amongst their peers and appropriate skill level. YEAR ROUND CLASS!

                                                     TIME:          6:30pm- 8:00pm (Mondays)

             LOCATION:        Elzie Odom Recreation Center, 1601 NE Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, Texas 76006

                                                     COST:        $95 for a (4) Week Session (PAID IN ADVANCE ONLINE THE Monday of by 10am).  

                                                  *Drop Ins (Any Class/Anytime)  $25 per Class (Pre-Pay ONLINE BY Monday @10am).

Step #1- PAYMENT : (Bottom of Page),  Step #2) COMPLETE WAIVER & CONTACT FORM     (Only IF it's your 1st time in any event with us)

Join anytime MID SESSION, we'll prorate!

                                                                  SESSION DATES:

         - Mar 8, 2021- Mar 29, 2021                               -   Apr 5, 2021-  Apr 26, 2021                                   - May 3, 2021- May 24, 2021                              -  June 7, 2021- Jun 28, 2021                                - July 5, 2021-  July 26, 2021                                - Aug 2, 2021-  Aug 23, 2021                                - Aug 30, 2021- Sep 27, 2021 (Closed 9/6)          - Oct 4, 2021-  Oct 25. 2021


This class is ONLY for players wanting to work on their Hitting (Left, Right, Middle, BR Hitters).  Learn the mechanics of hitting, the approach and put it all together with LOTS of Hitting practice!   

Date:   Tues, March 16th (7:00pm-8:00PM)  Cost: $25.00             Pre-Pay ONLINE @ bottom of page (BEFORE Class) &          ADD Player Name          


Work on your Overhand Serve, Jump Serve, Top Spin and Float Serve!   Date:  Tues, March 16th (6:00pm-7:00PM)  Cost: $25.00         Pre-Pay ONLINE @ bottom of page (BEFORE Class) & ADD  Player Name.


 1st Part of Class (8pm-8:30pm): Works on ALL aspects of PASSING: Technique, Fundamentals, Serve Receive, Speed and quickness to the Ball to become a GREAT Passer!  (Great for Liberos/DS/BR/Beginners or anyone needing Reps in or to be a Stronger Passer!).   2nd Part of Class (8:30pm-9pm) is Scrimmaging to put your Passing to the Test!

Date: Wednesday, March 17th (8:00pm-9:00PM)   Cost: $25.00   Pre-Pay ONLINE @ bottom of page BEFORE Class & ADD Player Name & "Passing Class" in notes to Director.

         Clinics Form (ALL CLINICS):   

Complete FORM BELOW (ONLY ONCE) & bring to Clinic, OR,

email to:, and make payment below. 

Contact &  Waiver Form